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The Benefit of Industry Agreements and Joint Venture Partners

Why should the DFN have joint ventures with service companies? Service companies are business that contracts to and provides goods and services to large energy, forestry, and development companies. First and foremost, they are designed to benefit the community as a whole. The Treaty Rights of the DFN are held collectively by the nation. When the land and the environment are impacted, our collective rights and interest are impacted. Given this, it is important to find ways to generate opportunities and revenues that benefit the community as a whole, not just a single band member or group of members.


It is important to know that First Nations across Canada have arrived at the same view that DFN has – which is that joint venture agreements are needed with service companies. This is due to the fact that First Nations have a historically lacked access to capital, operating experience, and a successful business track record. They generally can’t offer the high bonding and insurance requirements to secure large contracts from large resource companies. There is clearly a role for individually owned band member businesses, however, they generally can’t meet the bonding, insurance and capital requirements for large projects. With enough time, experience, and capital earned with the trust where the joint venture partner, the DFN will I be able to grow and diversify economically and compete alone. At this time DFN has developed joint venture arrangements with the above-noted service company partners. 


Click each logo to be directed to each company's individual website, or to explore partner employment opportunities here.

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