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Duncan’s First Nation is recognized for its innovative and vibrant economic development initiatives. For many years, Duncan’s First Nation has been an active partner with multiple world-class organizations, providing industry with capacity-of-scale and market-leading capabilities within Duncan’s traditional use territory; an area that includes a large portion of the Peace River Oil Sands.


Our business philosophy is guided by our traditional rights and responsibilities, in context with the realities of current production and development within our traditional use territory. We seek to partner with industry and service providers who align with our values and goals.


The activities and initiatives within our partnerships and business alliances must demonstrate a respect for and prioritization of:


  • Preservation of our traditional use rights;

  • Heritage-based stewardship of the land, the wildlife, and the land’s resources;

  • Tangible and long-term benefits to our Community Members;

  • Effective and market-leading management systems;

  • Employment and career opportunities for First Nation Members; and,

  • Investment in our Community’s capital, educational, physical, and traditional and cultural needs.


You may learn more by following this site’s Partners link and viewing each Partner’s respective website links.


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